A fight against Ukraine during the life

“The Steklyar’s act (a KGB officer) has no limitation. Crime after decades remains a crime! The murder of Khasevych, one of the fighters for the independence, must be investigated, and everyone who is involved – must receive a verdict. “(Coordinator of the National Human Rights Centre Denis Polishchuk)

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has started the investigation into the murder of Ukrainian artist Nil Khasevych by the KGB colonel Boris Steklyar. After the end of The Second World War the KGB officer Borys Steklyar executed orders to kill Ukrainian fighters for the independence and to evict their families into Siberia, to burn the premises and farms of the peasants. One of the orders was to kill the Ukrainian artist and patriot Nil Khasevych. On the 4th of March, 1952 Boris Steklyar together with other cheka officers made an attack on the place where Nil Khasevych and two other members of the resistance movement were hidden. All three were killed.


Works of master of art Nil Khasevych showed the realities of the totalitarian Stalin’s regime. Ukrainians risked their lives to transport surreptitiously the paintings over the boarder. The world saw the scale of the liberation movement for the independence of Ukraine. The truth that was brought by the price of human’s lives. It was the truth that made Khasevych an enemy and threat for the soviet governing. Khasevych was killed and his body was hanging out on the streets of the city for intimidating the other Ukrainians.

For the first time in Ukraine the National Human Rights Centre initiated the investigation of the murder of the famous artist and the fighter for Ukrainian independence Nil Khasevych. None of the governments since the Independent Ukraine has not raised the issues of the soviet crimes. To establish the historical justice this process has started now because criminal acts do not have time limit.

In the summer 2016 a 94 years old KGB officer Steklyar got know that there were people willing to explore archives of his activities and brought an action against the Ukrainian government. The National Human Rights Centre raised the issues which figurate in Khasevych’s biography, which showed that:

-A response to deputy minister of state security USSR from the 11th of March 1952. It contains a detailed description of the tragic occurrences of the 4th march that year when a KGB group killed a few Ukrainian activists of the resistance movement.
-The captain Steklyar was involved for the Khasevych’s liquidation ( Zot, Bey, Rybak).
-The members of Security Service fired two grenades into the place where Khasevych was.
-For the completed mission of the liquidation Steklyar got a reward from the command.

These documents prove that Steklyar was involved in Khasevych’s murder and two other patriots – Antonyuk and Melnychuk. Boris Steklyar took part in the destruction of other Ukrainian insurgents. The National Human Rights Centre also found confirmation that KGB colonel was a member of the NKVD troika. There were special KGB groups, who killed people without any judgment and inquest on the basis of suspicions of anti-Soviet activity. According to Steklyar’s decisions, many people were sent to the Gulag.

The National Human Rights Centre also reports that Russian propaganda misrepresents the facts of Steklyar’s case and protects the criminal by giving news with such headlines: «A KGB hero and the fascist leader» , « The soviet veteran and Ukrainian nationalists». Some experts also support Russian propaganda by calling Khasevych «Nazi collaborator» and members of National Human Rights Centre «neo- fascists». But the facts are stronger than any propaganda and we want to provide with truthful information to the whole world.

A role model for the Ukrainian law system is European institute of justice. The states of Lithuania, Romania and Estonia have already condemned figures of the communist era for killing civilians and fighters for the independence of these states, for repressions and political prisoners, for participation in genocide etc. We hope that the world together with all Ukrainians will observe an objective and independent investigation of the crime of soviet authority in Ukraine. Impunity cannot dominate forever. To forgive the crimes of the Stalin’s regime of the past means to accept and allow criminal actions against humanity of the nowadays.

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